Oliver VieBrooks
Oliver VieBrooks
Hardware And Software Architect

Digital Archaeology: The LTK HDS

If you had a Commodore 64 in the 1980s, odds are the one peripheral you really wished you could have was a Lieutenant Kernal Hard Drive from Fiscal Information/Xetec.  Bringing 20 megabytes of blindingly-fast storage to the system, the Lieutenant Kernal (LTK for short) was the storage system of choice for C64 BBS operators everywhere.  […]

Magento Howto: Whole-cart Percentage Discount

Introduction One of the most common requests we receive on e-commerce projects where Magento 1.9 is being used as a store is to add a percentage discount that works on the entire cart WITH a cap on the overall discount amount. This article will explain how to add this to your Magento installation. The same […]

Github Repos Added

I’ve added some repos of my retro-computing-related projects here.

Unlocking LUKS Volumes Without Local Access

Recently, I’ve implemented full-disk encryption on every machine at the lab. For the 30 or so Linux boxes, this meant setting up LUKS. We’re a Ubuntu shop here, so that meant following the instructions here. Actual setup of encryption is outside of the scope of this document. I may write an article on it at […]

Using Geopattern

A basic introduction to the geopattern script and an explanation of how to use it.

C51 Kit Evaluation

I pick up an 8051/C51 dev board from ebay and evaluate it. Included are full instructions for an end user from assembly to writing your first program for the microcontroller.